Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And if a doubledecker bus,crushes into us....

My new very favourite adventure in England is to take the bus. Simple as that!
I'm used to the fact that they go in different directions than in the rest of Europe.But still, never seen sth like this before.
In the morning, very confident, trying to get the bus. Look right as you cross the street, walk over to the bus stop, make sure twice that you will take it in right direction and, like the heineken- commercial- really- cute guy says :"now we wait"....and i wait , and wait , and there is no bus.So, feeling touristicly, i ask the common old lady that you see in every bus stop, why the bus doesn't show up. Very surprised, she tells me i was waiting on the wrong side. But not because i had picked the wrong lane, simply because the busses in England do not go on 2 ways. Meaning, you can only take it in one direction, which will take you in a circle round the city, but never go back.To come back, you need a whole different busnumber, which of course, may change it's track during the day.
And, the price of all this bloody annoying adventure is 48 pounds per month, meaning about 80 euro, about 2.500.000 rol!!!

Let's walk!

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