Saturday, September 23, 2006

Good old Plymouth

Well, this is the point where i post a blog in english, for some new and old friends from all over.

Thanks to a scholarship, through the Leonardo DaVinci programme, i will be spending the next three months in England, city called Plymouth, in the very South, by the Ocean.

The city is pretty weird, might say ugly. Except for some gorgeous sights. The city center is not really interesting, includes the tipical pedestrian area, with many shops and restaurants. They forced some palmtrees in, very unappropiate for the English spirit.
Nevertheless ,the city it is quite important for their and the worldwide history. The Mayflower started out from Plymouth, so big part of the world was colonized from here.

One of my favourite parts so far is the Central Park, a huge savage park in the middle of the city.

And then, there is THE HOE, one of the most beatiful spots i've ever seen. Luckily, I had bright sunny days and managed to get some good shots of the seaside. As you can see, there are large green spaces next to the sea, where the people lay in the grass, enjoy the sun and the view. There many ships to be seen at the horizon, so nice by night as well!

They say the beatles have a famous picture next to the lighthouse of Plymouth. i should look it up at some point, i was to lazy to do it so far. Meanwhile, here is the picture of the lighthouse, appearing on every postcard. I can understand now how the beatles got their fame :" who are those guys next to the lighthouse in plymouth?" who made who famous?

Who will colonize who?The story is about to begin...
carlatoria continua

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just a friend said...

Plymouth. Maybe not the best city (not as good as Gandia for sure) I think but I know you have a lot of cruise ships coming there and you like it ;)

gonna watch your blog and you stay 2 7teen