Monday, October 02, 2006

Nie rezumjem :)-to whom it may concern

What do Erasmus scholaship and DaVinci scholarships have in common?
Polish ppl. YEap, their everwhere cunquered the world! Luckily!

I've met some grrreat polish ppl this year. In Spain and later on in England. Sorry i went so much forward with my blog without telling anything about them. Yeap, i've kept them fo myself. :P

Now my first favourite polish person was/is/remains Michael. Just because he is my 2:17...sth that only we know. And because we went to Lisbon together and share the best memories of our lives. And because he broke into luis' hostel when he was drunk by night. And because he stoled flowers for me.One day we will go together to Buthan!And we'll take the friendship shell with us, and our dreadlocks.Maybe we'll ask temper d to come along and bring some cheap vermuth. If not, we'll always find some olive to put on our bread for breakfast!

My other good polish friend i made this year...andy!Becasue he's a traveler. And so much more. We had that awesome Porto wine tasting in ...Porto..portugal. The busride to the ocean with love at first stare from an awfull old pervert man. I liked him for listening to my stories and approving...not judging me! For the Fado CD he sneaked into my shuflada before i left Spain.And for being the best mime partner i ever had!!Corte ingles!!
I start feeling like i would be thanking for an award. In fact i'm just describing my dear polish friends and the fun we had. :) Do you speak frensh?Like,yeah....

Lately i met some new polish guys,, here in England. Unfortunately i didn't get the chance to now them not even half as good as i know mihal and andy.
But we had great fun for one week, going out, enjoying england. they showed us the city and explained some things around here..really useful . We had great laughs.
Wojtek was my sunshine here at work, sharing my lunchbreaks, having his 5th coffee, taking wrong busses with me and rolling cigarettes like the beginner smoker that he actually is :*

Andrjez (whose name i still can't spell right) is really funny comimg down the stairs..lik a rolling stone! By the other hand he proves his grace while was lovely!

Last, but surely not least, there's Pawel, green eyed boy . The context isn't always the main thing!Sometimes it's good to live outside it.The hard part thing is to know if it's the right situation or not :*misiaczku

hope this will calm the spirits:) and my polish friend had pleasure in reading my post. Cuz i sure had pleasure in writing it :)



Anonymous said...

is Temper D from Bhutan?

Wojtek said...

Carla we also miss you very very VERY MUCH !!!! It was a real pleasure to spend this week with You and I hope we will meet again somewhere in the world.

But while waiting for that moment let's be in touch.

Buziaki !!!

Multumesc 4 everything !!!!!!