Tuesday, October 10, 2006

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assignment given by lavininha

3 places I like in Bucharest:
1. The houses that can be found on the streets with names of capitals, behind the Victoria Square . They tell stories...
2. The green quiet streets in the Agronomie area.
3. piata romana for gathering all the opposites of the city on one spot: from fancy dressed McDonalds kids to beggers, "aurolaci", from snobby Everest to the old shops next to gregories etc.

3 places/moments I hate in Bucharest:
1.330 bus..for the ppl, the smell, the drivers, the smell, the long traffic lights, the smell, the crowds...
2. The Basarab Pasarela :) especially in winter. It's always slippery, yet you have to run in order to escape the gispsies that try to sell you wooden spoons, tides and gloves.
3. The summer weekends, when the inhabitants extend on a 200km large surface and it takes forever to drive in or out of of the city.

3 venues in Bucharest where I like going out with friends:
1. La Motoare, for the cool wind it provides in summer, the events, the good socialising and the good position.
2. carturesti, for the lovely tea, music and books.
3. Ota, for the cozy, private party atmoshere.

3 things a Westerner would not understand about Bucharest:
1. that you can come to a point to feel more homesick about that grey city, than you do about the perfect fairy-tale like transylvanian town (just some moments)
2. that you don't have to addapt to the city, but addapt the city to yourself and live it your way.there are 1000 ways to look at it...
3. it's easy to take someone out of bucharest, but....hard to understand why it gets u so fast.

Most snobbish neighbourhood: high schools in general

Ugliest neighbourhood: just waisted 20 min of my life thinking of that...too difficult!

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